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#fridayfavorite - Lifelines

In my one other #fridayfavorite post, I chose a brand I absolutely love and constantly recommend to anyone and everyone. This time, I'm going in a little bit of a different direction.

I will not be promoting any certain thing, the company that makes it, or talk about the pros and cons of owning it. This is a strictly emotional post.

I am going to talk about how this stroller was my beacon of light during a really, REALLY dark time for me.

So, if you didn't read my post about my postpartum struggles, I had some pretty gnarly postpartum anxiety with a little depression thrown in after having Roscoe. Being able to leave my house every single night and sweat out some of that anxiety and depression for close to 4 miles, could very well have been the thing that prevented me from sinking deeper into the abyss.

Last Wednesday, the weather finally cooperated enough that I was able to bust out our double stroller and walk to Jordy's story time at the library. I haven't used it since I was finally coming out of the PPA/PPD, and immediately, the nostalgia set it.

I was reminded of the countless miles I spent with that stroller. The thoughts I was trying to sort out when I was pushing my babies through our town. The way I would look at that stroller and count down the minutes until I could leave the house with it. The silent tears that would fall down my face more than a few times while out on our walks. And finally, the FaceTime call with my mom where I finally admitted, sobbing out loud, in the middle of the street, that something was wrong with me.

After that phone call, and coming up with a plan to try and combat these feelings I was having, that stroller became my lifeline. Part of my therapy to help clear my head, sort through my feelings rationally, and try and get some endorphins moving in my body to bring me some kind of happiness that had seemed so far out of reach since giving birth to Roscoe.

This #fridayfavorite isn't about what a great stroller I have and how I'd choose this brand over and over (because honestly, there are some serious safety concerns surrounding this brand of stroller that the company is basically ignoring, so I actually WOULD NOT recommend it). This post is about finding YOUR beacon of light whenever you're struggling. Something you can look forward to, that you do just FOR YOU to help battle whatever demons that are rearing their ugly heads.

For me, it was a nightly 4 mile walk with my two buns. But for you, maybe its a book, crafting, creating art, spending time with your pet, volunteering, WHATEVER. What I'm trying to say is find that lifeline. Find that sliver of light in the darkness and hold onto it. Nurture it and make it a top priority.

Because when the fog lifts, and life is a little more clear again, you will be so grateful you had something to look forward to. Something to remind you of the strength you possess, the strength that was required to pick yourself up and move forward. To figure out your shit and take back control of your life.

Even if its just a bumble bee colored double stroller.

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