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Mama Monday - a preview

I thought it would be a good idea to kind of preview how this Mama Monday thing is going to work, as opposed to using the platform of our first featured mama.

So basically, I've reached out to a few mamas(and some moms have reached out to me), I personally know and feel could spread some serious knowledge about an array of different topics. In my mind, I have a subtitle for each one and kind of what I would consider their expertise.

LET ME SAY RIGHT NOW - my personal labeling of these moms is not an end-all, be-all. This is just how I view them. This does not mean that another mom, with a different circumstance, doesn't fit into this description as well. It just means that these were the mamas I am close enough with to ask for their help. I hope that if your version of these moms is different than mine, you will contact me about featuring THAT mama. I WOULD LOVE THAT!

So far, we've got "supermom", a mama who lives abroad with her two boys, a mom with a same sex partner, a working mom who meal plans and works out regularly, and a mama who is definitely done having children...maybe.

My goal here is to highlight different kinds of mamas and circumstances so we can all learn from one another. Basically, I love being a mom and want to learn everything I can about doing it the best I can. And, I know some really awesome moms and want to celebrate them and show the world how amazing they are.

Each mom gets the same list of questions, but is asked to write a piece about the focus they have chosen. I am so damn excited about this series and I hope you are too! So much knowledge and insight is coming from these ladies and I couldn't be more grateful to them for sharing their stories with me, and all of you.

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