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Okay, so I ended up getting so many good ideas, advice, & strategies to help make going no. 2 for Jordy less dramatic/traumatizing. But for all the ideas an advice I got, I got just as many mamas who are at their wits end, like I am, so I decided to share the goods!

I've implemented some of these ideas the last few days with Jordy(three times so far), and the dramatics have decreased big time. This morning's trip to the bathroom was a little hairy, but we got through it without any tears and that is a HUGE win in my book. Below are any and all tips I got over the last few days, hope they help!

Get a seat that goes onto the potty so they can sit comfortably

We have this one, but I've also heard these are great and they have a million different kinds. So letting your bun pick out their favorite one, may make them more inclined to use it.

Ask them where they want their potty

If they prefer using a kid's potty, maybe they don't particularly like where it's located. If it's in the bathroom, they could feel too much pressure in there. If it's in the living room, maybe it's too high traffic and they'd rather poop in peace.

Potty Prizes

Fill a basket or bag with small prizes/treats for them to choose from after successfully using the potty. This one was part of our success this morning when we were about 3 seconds from a meltdown.

Dangled this little carrot in front of Jordy's nose this morning and offered his choice of treat if he just took a poop in peace. It worked.

Give them the choice to have control elsewhere

This one right here was the game changer. It was also recommended more than once, by two mamas who work with kids on a daily basis. Basically, Jordy was acting like this in order to have control over something, since mostly, I control every part of his life. When I attempted to dictate the one thing he could control, he took it back any way he could. The last few days, I've been enlisting his help in different things around the house. Asking him whether he wants to choose his clothes for the day, helping with the pets(feeding them regularly, letting them in from outside), giving him choices for his meals instead of just handing him a dish, asking him to help with Roscoe. This has given him a feeling of control in other parts of his day, and now doesn't feel the need to put on a show when its time to use the bathroom.

Increase fiber intake

If the first words out of their mouth are, "it hurts!" or "its too hard!", increasing their fiber will make the process....smoother. Easier? Softer? You get the idea! More fiber = easier pooping.

Don't freak out

I am SO SO SO guilty of this. Because he completely understands the hows and whys of this situation, I basically lose my mind when he does this. I yell, I scream, and I do not react appropriately. I actually stopped in my tracks and took a few deep breaths this morning when after round 1 on the potty turned into round 2 and we ended up with a skid mark in the underwear I literally put on him 15min before. But, I took my deep breaths, I promised him he was not in trouble, and I gave him his privacy to finish what he started. And sure as shit(pun definitely intended), he did. And we celebrated and he got to eat skittles at 9am.

Trust the process

This is not going to be constant forward motion, there will be regressions, there will be accidents. The only way out is through, so do it together. Trust each other, have patience with each other, and for all that is holy, give each other some GRACE!

If your toddler is having #poopingproblems, I so hope that these tips will help! They have made my life significantly easier the last few days. I'd like to thank all the mamas who offered ideas; Lauren, Erika, Abbie, Darla, Courtney, and Kelly. Your suggestions have helped Jordy & I, and I'm so grateful! I did not think I would survive this phase, but with your help, we are moving through it. Hoping all you mamas out there ready to let your kid poop their pants for the rest of their life can use these and they'll make your life easier! Love to love yas!

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